created by

Allie Dunn | Leo Gilbert | Dru Greenwood | Tyla Landry
Sydney Levison | Clifton Lyons | Becky Schultz


When Demetra, a competitive professional, is forced to reevaluate her social life, she strikes up a friendship with Cymone, her seemingly much cooler coworker. As their worlds collide to form a brand new #squad, these five young Chicagoans begin to reevaluate their own identities as well as their relationships to each other. By weaving together public and private experiences, VELVET comedically explores the joys, vulnerabilities, and everything in-betweens of making new friends in your mid-twenties.

personal statement

Based on personal experiences and backgrounds of five of its creators–Allie Dunn, Tyla Landry, Clifton Lyons, Dru Greenwood, and Sydney Levison–VELVET started to grow from a shared Google doc of real life situations and jokes to a fully outlined episodic series beginning in March 2017. Allie Dunn and Tyla Landry met in 2016 as co-workers at a minority-owned financial firm in Chicago. Similarly to VELVET’s story, the two became fast friends and, as a result, their friend groups started to merge. The five ultimately became a new squad, complete with their own new complicated (but loving) relationships to each other.

Without much screenwriting or production experience, the five original creators brought in their mutual friends Leo Gilbert (a filmmaker) and Becky Schultz (a comedy writer and marketing manager for an independent  film distributor) as co-creators and producers to help develop their vision and ideas into a complete season of a digital series.

Together, the seven creators share the desire to create story they’ve never seen before; one that talks about the delicacy of friendship–and specifically friendship between young people of color–from a diverse group of voices, perspectives, and backgrounds. Because after all, not all velvet is the same.